Summary of COIL

COIL stands for Collaborative Online International Learning, which is a method involving educational practices that allow students to work with students overseas without going abroad, taking advantage of information and communication technology (ICT).

Among the main features of the COIL are remote interactivity and student-focused course design. The JUSU programs encourage students to learn actively through virtual collaboration with a wide range of students, using ICT, from an introduction to intercultural communication to various projects in their specialized fields.

About JUSU

Name of project

Japan-U.S. Unique Program using COIL

Features of the project

This project will be conducted in cooperation with four U.S. universities(The University of Alabama, University of Cincinnati, The New School, and Stony Brook University) with unique education and research fields. As Chiba University has many faculties that are unique in Japanese national university corporations, original programs will be put into practice by means of COIL within the framework of international collaborative education.

Summary of Inter-University Exchange Project

This project aims to inspire interest in new fields of study, promote the mobility of both Japanese and U.S. students, and develop people who can play important roles in diverse fields. These objectives will be achieved by conducting courses in Japan on subjects that can be studied only in the USA and vice versa using COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning). CU COIL has three main policies to foster people who can proactively create future employment.

(1) Implementation of the 12+12 COIL JUSU (Japan U.S. Unique) Programs

The COIL JUSU Program consists of 12+12 unique programs. Four U.S. universities will provide a total of 12 U.S.-specific unique programs in fields such as cosmetics, while the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Nursing, and the Faculty of Horticulture (the unique faculties in Japanese national universities) of Chiba University will provide a total of 12 Japan-specific unique programs. Students of both countries will teach each other in their fields of expertise.

(2) Development of a new style of study with Smart COIL

Chiba University plans to develop smart and mobile learning, called Smart COIL. Smart COIL will promote off-campus study environments and a joint learning system with overseas campuses as well as encourage the completion of mandatory courses while studying abroad. Smart COIL combines COIL with efforts to develop new methods of study that connect interactive, active, and video learning.

(3) Implementation of the COIL+VIP (Volunteer, Internship & Professional Study) Program

Chiba University embraces social learning to promote social contribution activities outside the campus. This project will connect such efforts with COIL and execute activities by selecting an appropriate field based on volunteer activities, internships, and practical learning. By combining learning and practice, we strive to improve learning achievements significantly.

Summary of Exchange program

In 5 years, a total of 24 COIL JUSU (Japan U.S. Unique) programs will be developed for interactive exchanges. In addition, the COIL+VIP (Volunteer, Internship and Professional Study) social learning programs, which are related to the above-mentioned unique programs, will be launched. They include internship and volunteer activities to dispatch and receive the top 5% of students among COIL JUSU program participants.

Global Human Resources on the project

Each participating university will provide unique programs to foster students' interest in new fields and to conduct study activities that are not limited to their field of specialization. In addition, an innovative graduate school where students can create new majors will be established during the project period. (It is currently in the planning stage.) This school will allow students to achieve more meaningful graduate studies, establish new student-driven majors, and create future employment in a self-designed major that surpasses the borders between humanities, social, natural and life sciences.

Features of the project

This project will be conducted in cooperation with four U.S. universities with unique education and research fields. As Chiba University has many faculties that are unique in Japan, original programs will be put into practice using COIL within the framework of international collaborative education.


COILとはCollaborative Online International Learningの略称であり、情報通信技術(ICT)を活用し、国内にいながら海外大学の学生と協働学習を行う教育実践の方法である。









(1)12+12のユニーク・プログラム COIL JUSU (Japan U.S. Unique) Programの実施


(2)Smart COILによる新たな学びのスタイルを展開

千葉大学では、キャンパス外で学習できる環境、海外キャンパスとの共同学習の展開、海外留学中の必修科目の履修の促進を目的として、Smart Learningの展開を計画している。本プログラムでは、これと COILを結合させたSmart COILを発案し、双方向学習、アクティブ・ラーニング、ビデオ学習を結合させた新しい学習方式を展開する。

(3)COIL+VIP (Volunteer, Internship & Professional Study) Programの実施



5年間で24のCOIL JUSU(Japan U.S. Unique)Programを開発し、双方向の交流を行う。また、このユニーク・プログラムに関連したソーシャル・ラーニング、COIL+VIP(Volunteer, Internship and Professional Study)も実施する。これは、COIL JUSUにおいてトップ5%の学生を対象に派遣・受入を行うインターンシップやボランティアなどである。